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At Direct PhysioHealth, we help you achieve your goals by restoring function and performance, so that you can live a more healthy, resilient life. We believe in educating our clients and utilizing evidence-based treatments and lifestyle changes to promote healing and recovery. We empower our clients to be active participants in their injury and wellness management by providing the necessary tools that are tailored for each individual's specific needs. We are passionate about guiding you to perform at your most optimal level and are driven to provide prevention strategies through virtual visits, online education, and self-care guidance.



Let's chat before you get started. Book a free 20 minute discovery visit or contact us. We're here to answer your questions.

"Melissa is fantastic. I was on tour with her when she served as the PT for The Lion King. I have not experienced anyone as thorough or as knowledgeable as her since. It’s really great that she will be able to reach so many more people through PhysioHealth."

-Joseph B.

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