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So What Is Telehealth Anyway??

First off, if you're reading this, congratulations! You've been making it through what has been the MOST challenging year ever due to COVID-19! Whether you're a parent, athlete, performing artist, student, entrepreneur, or any type of worker, your life has been changed dramatically. Although things may never go back to the way they were, I'm hopeful we're getting closer to the "new normal" every day.


It goes by several names...telehealth, virtual visits, online sessions, etc. Due to the pandemic, everything has become "virtual" these days. Telehealth, however, has been around for quite a few years. Telehealth is a mechanism that allows you to connect with your healthcare provider remotely using video and audio communication. This means you can get the health services you need from the convenience (and safety) of your home, office, or wherever you have access to a phone, laptop, tablet, and WI-FI. At Direct PhysioHealth, we use HIPAA compliant software to make sure each session is secure and that your personal health information is protected. We offer telehealth physical therapy visits, virtual health coaching sessions, and online Pilates and barre fitness classes.

How Is This Different From In-Person Visits?

Other than not being in the same room as your healthcare provider, your virtual visit is quite similar-just no "hands on." First, your appointment will be scheduled in the same fashion. You make an appointment and you receive a confirmation. At Direct PhysioHealth, you can make an appointment online, and you will instantly receive an email confirmation along with a link for your session. All payment is taken care of online as well. Due to COVID-19, most insurance companies are covering telehealth visits. Contact us to verify your benefits before getting started. During your session, your provider will be able to perform assessments, discuss your concerns and progress, provide education and exercises, and follow up as needed.

How Is This Beneficial?

There are many benefits of telehealth. Here are our top three: First, during this time of pandemic, online sessions allow you to get the health services you need safely. With being seen remotely, there is no risk of exposure. Second, telehealth saves time and is very convenient. Just imagine being able to have services from the comfort of their home or work space, without having to commute to and from an office. Third, a virtual one-on-one session, is your time and your time only. You won't have to wait to be seen and you won't be juggled around or have to share time with someone else.

Still Not Sure?

We understand that you may still feel uncertain about this telehealth, virtual visit, online session thing. No problem! At Direct PhysioHealth, we offer a free Discovery Visit to show you how we can help. We're in this together. Hang in there, breathe, and continue to take one day at a time!

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