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Physical Therapy



Sports Medicine

Dance Medicine

Circus Arts Medicine

Performing Arts Medicine

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Knee Pain

Pelvic Health & Running

Pre- & Postnatal Corrective Exercise

Chronic Pain

Concussion Recovery

Injury Prevention

Soft Tissue Remodeling

With online physical therapy, we take a 1:1 approach, giving patients the time and care they need. Although we are not physically with our patients, our approach is to educate and empower by providing the tools necessary to correct the issue, restore function, and prevent the issue from returning. We evaluate and treat a variety of injuries and conditions.

From our experience and our understanding of the human body and movement, we are well-trained in the care of a variety of acute and chronic issues. We will take a global approach to treat each issue using movement-based therapy to restore function. We will teach you strength and flexibility training, core, spinal, and scapular stabilization, and plyometrics exercises while providing postural and task-specific training as needed. We will educate and teach you self mobilization techniques for soft tissue remodeling and improved joint play. For added feedback or support, we can educate you on tape application and placement as well.

Each patient will receive an individualized plan of care based off of the goals determined from the initial evaluation. If during the initial evaluation, or at any point during treatment, we determine that online physical therapy is not a good fit for you, we will be happy to refer you to a local in-person clinic or another health care professional. We are devoted to getting our patients better and helping them to return to the activities they love!

"Melissa Palmer is phenomenal at what she does. She was able to remotely provide prehab exercises for my daughter before ACL surgery, which was extremely beneficial for her post surgery recovery. I highly recommend Direct Physio Health!"

-Monique H.

"The best therapist ever, I am a swimming pool technician so I usually bend over all day long and over time my lower back started hurting so bad. After being treated from Melissa I have been great! I highly recommend her."

-Andre G.

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