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 Performing Arts

Direct PhysioHealth can help you achieve your optimal performance by providing comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluations and 1:1 treatment sessions tailored to meet your specific physical levels and goals. Performing Arts medicine is a specialized area of orthopedic physical therapy. We offer a team of experienced physical therapists who are well-trained in the care of a variety of acute and chronic issues in regards to dance, circus, and performing arts. Our goal is to restore your optimal function for rapid return to performing without pain.  We understand that your body is your livelihood so we consult with the some of the top performing arts and sports medicine doctors across the US. We will take a global approach to treat each issue using movement-based therapy to restore function. We will teach you strength and flexibility training, core, spinal, and scapular stabilization, and plyometrics exercises while providing postural and performance-specific training as needed. We will educate and teach you self mobilization techniques for soft tissue remodeling and improved joint play. For added awareness feedback or support, we can educate you on taping application and placement as well.

We are also available for webinars and on-site visits for performing arts companies. We can provide injury prevention workshops, functional movement screenings, and on-site physical therapy care.

Individualized Functional Movement Screenings

We provide functional movement screening for performers, specialized to the demands of each artist. These screens allow us to identify areas that may be susceptible to injury (or re-injury) and help guide us in prescribing individualized exercise programs and determining the need for follow up care.  Early screening has been proven to prevent injury as well as decrease the overall number of injuries and time lost from performance. 


"I had the pleasure of working with Melissa Palmer at Cirque du Soleil. She is a true professional, and a very focused, attentive, caring, fun, motivating, and knowledgeable therapist with the ability to listen and analyze on a case by case basis what is best for her athlete. Ever since I have known Melissa I have seen her continue her education through pilates training, dry needling certification, and spending time to get acquainted with the vastly different needs of all types athletes you can find in a circus company. Congrats, Melissa, on this new adventure! Your clients will be lucky to benefit from your expertise!"

-Kerren M.

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